A Proposal Poem

Wedding Proposal Poem

Not much of a poet, but I wrote this to explain why I asked a girl, Giuliana, to be my wife…

We visited Prague on our first holiday as a couple, placing a ‘love lock’ on a small bridge, beneath the famous Charles Bridge (Karlův most). Returning a year later, we visited the bridge again to find our ‘love lock’ had evolved to that you see above.

I asked a girl…

On a cold winters night in a fairytale city, I asked a girl, oh so pretty…

I asked a girl to share one heart, forever united, never to part.

I asked a girl to bestow her trust, put faith in our love, pure and just.

I asked a girl to just simply be, never to change, nor change me.

I asked a girl to remain my friend, hold hands tightly, right to the end.

I asked a girl to journey with me, excitement abound, what would we see?

I asked the girl to complete my life, share all that I am, to be my wife.


Thankfully, she said yes!

Proposal Poem