iPhone & Blackberry displaying blue question marks?

Are you seeing blue question marks instead of images when developing a mobile site for iPhone & Blackberry?

Whilst trying to set up a mobile version of my site (back in 2010) I encountered an issue and thought I’d share the following just in case it’s been an issue for anyone else.

For some reason, iPhone and Blackberry (and perhaps more) mobile browsers don’t appear to load images unless their held under the mobile (or whatever you’ve named it) directory of your site.

You can’t even explicitly link to them using a full url (e.g http://www.samweston.co.uk/img/mobile_title.jpg) – they’ll still ignore it.

iPhone and Blackberry just display a small blue question mark as if the image isn’t hosted correctly. Full browsers display fine, it’s just on the mobile browsers themselves.

The only way around this was to create an img subdirectory within the mobile directory – e.g /mobile/img/mobile_title.jpg

That should resolve any blue question mark woes you have.

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